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Charter Members - Club Land'or


Charter Members are a select class of Club Land’or members who, as members in good standing, are entitled to Charter Member benefits (contact Customer Service at the number below to determine your Charter Membership eligibility).  You must contact the Corporate Service Center in Virginia (800 552-2839) to receive your opt-in Charter Member ID number, which will entitle you to certain benefits including:

1. One complimentary upgrade to a two bedroom unit upon exchange through the Flex Plus Exchange system.

2. Entitlement to acquire an additional villa (one per year) for family or friends traveling with Club Member for the rate of $250 per week (does not include taxes, gratuities,etc).

3. Meal Voucher for two (lunch or dinner) at the Dolphin Terrace upon confirmation at Club Land’or (one per year).

4. Complimentary travel bag for exchange through Flex Plus (one per year).

5. The option to exercise a one-time payment, that satisfies all membership dues on a significantly discounted basis.  This is especially attractive to our senior and retired Charter Members that may be on a fixed income.* This applies to all dues and fees except those that occur as a result of travel and actual use of the Resort, such as nightly hotel taxes, etc. 

6. One free upgrade to a front marina-view villa at Club Land’or (subject to space availability).


In order to receive benefits, member must make mention of Charter Membership Status.

(Charter Member Benefits can be amended from time to time at the discretion of management and do not constitute a material change of the purchase agreement.)


If you have questions, please contact Customer Service at:


Land'or International, Inc.
2120 Staples Mill Road Suite 300
Richmond, VA  23230-2917
Phone: 800-552-2839
E-mail: info@landorinternational.com
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